Ignition Park Catalyst

Catalyst one (“one”), opening summer 2015, is a 50,000 square foot multi-tenant building at the heart of Ignition Park. Offering innovative space for growth oriented companies, from early stage through development and fulfillment; one is designed to encourage the incubation of ideas and fraternization between like-minded companies. Designed additionally as a meeting place where companies can interact with partners, suppliers, customers, and recruits, one will offer a café to accommodate around-the-clock work and collaboration. Accompanied by the campus as a whole, one will help to stimulate growth and meet the dynamic needs of companies throughout the business cycle, from early stage concepts to a fully
integrated facility.

Catalyst two (“two”), opening summer 2015, is a 45,000 square foot building that will house a partnership between Notre Dame and General Electric. Otherwise known as the Notre Dame Turbomachinery Facility, two will be the nation’s top turbine engine component R&D facility.